Evan Huggins
industrial design & technology

The Alzheimer's Cocktail Set

Retaining personhood by serving others. 

"Remembering to do something is easier than remembering HOW to do something."

-Tim (early stage person with Alzheimer's)


Mix By Color

Color coded measuring cups correspond to neoprene bottle wraps. A caretaker or loved one equips the bar with ingredients for the person with Alzheimer's favorite cocktail.


Spinning cocktails?

Based on the mechanism of a salad spinner, the cocktail spinner eliminates the need for a tight grip making life easier for those with arthritic hands.

Serving with shaky hands?
No problem.

The magnetic tray combined with steel enamelware, makes serving friends and family a breeze even if you fumble on your way across the room.

On display at ICFF '17 as part of "Design for the Mind" exhibition.

Best of Wellness

Pictured above on display at ICFF '17 as part of "Pratt Institute: Design for the Mind" exhibition.