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Home Growing System

Urbanization leads to food insecurity and disconnection from nature.

The Food Chain reimagines the act of cultivating food by providing people with limited space, time, and knowledge the opportunity to grow their own vegetables.

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Grow food in tiny apartments with a modular, scalable
hanging garden

The system combines PRODUCT and SERVICE to provide a complete experience for its users, increasing likelihood of PROLONGED ENGAGEMENT with home growing with REDUCED MENTAL ENERGY required for success. 

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Product: Hanging Garden

The Hanging Garden is a modular home growing kit centered around the window. It uses natural light and an auto watering system to grow vegetables in tiny apartments with virtually no footprint. The kit is composed of modular and singular components that can be scaled to fit in front of any window. Users may buy into the system with just a couple of plants and expand it over time to grow a full rotation of vegetables throughout their home.

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Service: Grow Pod

The Grow Pod service is the core of the Food Chain system and contains everything needed to grow a specific plant including seeds, soil, and fertilizer. It is distributed through a delivery service on a subscription basis. Pods decompose naturally when composted. When it is time to harvest a plant, the exhausted pod is mixed with food scraps and returned to the “pod factory” where it is used to make nutrient rich soil for new pods. This cycle incentives composting by incorporating compost pickup into the subscription service.


Buy in with just a few units and expand to a whole garden over time

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Track plant maturity and order new pods on a scheduled crop rotation

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Featured in Dubai Design Week Global Grad Show

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